What’s new in Windows Server 2012 R2 and System Center 2012 R2 + Intune

Wow thats a long title! But as it suggests there is a lot happening with the new releases from Microsoft, and I always find that other blogs contain just some piece of info regarding either SCVMM or Windows Server or another component. Therefore, I wanted to gather all the info from TechEd and compile a blog post containing all the new stuff that is going to be released this year.

Windows Server 2012 R2
Multiple improvements to Hyper-V:
    * Cross-version Live Migration (Live migrate from 2012 to 2012 R2)
    * Automatic Activation of VM’s
    * New generation VM (No longer running legacy components)
    * Enhanced Remote Desktop (VM connect)
    * Enhanced Hyper-V replica
    * Dynamic Memory for Linux
    * Clone a running VM
    * Live Migration Compression
    * VHD deduplication
    * Online VHDX resizing
    * Storage QoS
    * Hyper-V recovery Manager (Replicate to Azure)
    * Live Migration with RDMA
    * Shared VHDX
    * Multi-tenant VPN gateway
    * vRSS
    * Remote Live Network Monitoring

Other Enhancements to Windows Server
    * Better NIC teaming
    * Powershell 4.0
    * Better IPAM integration
    * Better Resource Metering
    * Session Shadowing
    * Workplace Join (And Workspace folders)
    * Storage Tiering (In Storage spaces)
    * Support to export Start Screen Config using PowerShell and importing it using Group Policy
    * Desired Configuration State Options
    * Extended ACLs (Statefull inspection, Port, protocol)

System Center 2012 R2
Virtual Machine Manager:
    * Better support for using all types of storage types (iSCSI, FC, SMB 3.0
    * Can manage NVGRE, PVLANs
    * All system center components available as service tempates (later this year)
    * ODX copy VM’s from library to production
    * Integrate with IPAM
    * VMM can remediate config problems on physical switches
    * New Management Pack for Operations Manager
    * More options for site-to-site VPN options for customers

Service Manager
    * Self-service portal can be used on SharePoint 2013
    * Service management automation

Operations Manager
    * Deep application monitoring into Java Applications
    * Enhanced cross-platform monitoring

Configuration Manager
    * Support for Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2
        * Manage Windows 8.1 using Mobile Device Agent (BYOD)
    * Workplace join 
         * Selective Wipe for IOS devices
         * Better management of Android devices
         * New Self-service Portals, native apps of IOS, Android and Windows x86
         * Support for configuring Work folders
         * Work folders integration with the Self-service portal
         * Role-based administration control (RBAC) now supports reports

Data Protection Manager
    * Online Backup Linux VM’s

Intune Wave E
    * Office 365 Cloud Connector
    * Support for Windows 8.1
    * Support for Work Folders
    * VPN and Wi-FI profile deployments
    * New Company Portal
    * Better Mobile platform support
    * Selective Wipe

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