What’s new at Teched 2013

A lot of new stuff was announced at TechEd by Microsoft yesterday leaving every Microsoft IT-pro happy. Like many anticipated we would see a new release of Windows Server and System Center.
So far they’ve announced a couple of things
* New release of System Center (System Center 2012 R2)
* New release of Windows Server 2012 (Windows Server 2012 R2)
* New release of Intune (Wave E)
* New release of SQL Server (SQL Server 2014)
* Some changes to Azure
    -> Billing per minute
    -> Won’t change for offline VM’s
    -> Added support for SSL on reserved Web sites.
    -> Lower costs for Azure Subscription for MSDN accounts.
    -> New DirSync tool with support for password sync (hash syncs)
    -> Access Control Lists on Endpoints

So what do we know is coming in the new releases?

* Windows Server 2012 R2
    à Storage Tiering (You can add SSD to your storage spaces solution and you can use SSD as a cache to have the most frequent used data)
    à Storage QoS (You can now define in Hyper-V how much IOPS a VM can use
    à Version 2 VM (No more legacy stuff in a VM, support for UEFI)
    à Support to export Start Screen config using Powershell and import it to a Group Policy
    à Dynamic Memory for Linux
    à Online VHDX resizing
    à Live Migration Compression
    à Automatic Guest Activation
    à VHD deduplication
    à Windows Azure Hyper-V Recovery Manager
    à Better NIC teaming algorithms
    à Virtual IP address space management (for IPAM)
    à Better resource metering options
    à PowerShell 4.0 (3000 cmdlets)
    à Desired Configuration State options
    à Workplace join and Work folders
    à Automatic VPN connection when a users click on a application that requires corporate Access.
    à Session Shadow
    à Windows Azure Pack (Next version of Katal)
* System Center 2012 R2
    à NVGRE Gateway solution is a part of a default service template (No more need for F5 gateway solution)
    à VMM to deploy a physical File Scale-out-server
ConfigMgr 2012 R2
    à Support for Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2
    à Manage Windows 8.1 using Mobile Device Agent (BYOD)
    à Workplace join
    à Selective Wipe for IOS devices
    à Better management of Android devices
    à New Self-service Portals, native apps of IOS, Android and Windows x86
    à Support for configuring Work folders
    à Work folders integration with the Self-service portal
    à Role-based administration control (RBAC) now supports reports

More to come!

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