Xenapp webinterface default domain

This is going to be a quick post,
since I see from my site statistics that many that come ot this site is actually searching for this quick change.

When a user logs onto a Xenapp webinterface (if its configued to) users have to type their domainusername & passord  to login.

If you are in a single domain you can define this in the configuration file for the webinterface so the users doesn’t have to type the domain name each time.

In order to do this, open webinterface.conf as administrator, find the parameter
# DomainSelection=[Domain 1,domain 2,…] and umark it and add a domain name like;

Since you have already added the domain name, you can as well hide the domain name box from appearing on the webinterface. Find the parameter # HideDomainfield=off and unmark it and change it to HideDomainfield=on.

In case you want to get bether aquainted with the confing file, head over to the citrix guide.

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