XenDesktop 7 beta exams

So Citrix has released (a couple of weeks ago) beta exams of their upcoming XenDesktop 7 exams (Which are at the moment free for the taking for a limited time on pearson-vue.com)
There are three exams


1Y1-200  Managing Citrix XenDesktop 7 Solutions Beta Exam
which is equivilant to CCA on XA/XD

1Y1-300 Deploying Citrix XenDesktop 7 Solutions Beta Exam
which is equvilant to CCEE on XA

1Y1-400 Designing Citrix XenDesktop 7 Solutions Beta Exam
which is equivilant to the CCIA

And for each exam, Citrix har designed a prep guide

http://training.citrix.com/mod/ctxmodviewer/view.php?mod=resource&id=1140 (1Y1-400)
http://training.citrix.com/mod/ctxmodviewer/view.php?mod=resource&id=1138 (1Y1-300)
http://training.citrix.com/mod/ctxmodviewer/view.php?mod=resource&id=1139 (1Y1-200)

Now I am fortunate enough to have tried all three exams so far and the study guides give you good pointers where to start looking.
Citrix has already documented alot on the eDocs site regarding XenDesktop 7

The exams as well might also include questions from Netscaler, PVS 7, Storefront 2, XenServer 6.2 so there is plenty of stuff to read on Smilefjes

Some of the other stuff is documented here on eDocs (Storefront, PVS, etc)

Good luck for those give it a go!

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