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Office 365 and multiple adresses to a user

Alot of users, want to have multple adresses on their user in Exchange / Office 365. Like [email protected] [email protected] and [email protected] (You can user powershell as well, but I dont remember the command in my head and im sitting on a linux laptop…

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My books of the week!

Most of my spare time goes to book reading (no I’m not a book worm ) But I can frankly say that I use a lot of time reading. Since im a big fan of certifications, the only books I actually read at…

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Citrix Xenapp

Been attending a Citrix xenapp course this week at [email protected] I haven’t worked a lot with Citrix, a bit XA 5 and I’ve tested 6.5 for the last month. I also attended some Citrix sessions at the NIC conference. But Ive realized that…

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